It’s Time To Leave. Welcome in Antwerp

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After a week of a delayed departure, I finally started the journey yesterday 8th Sept. 2017. I really had mixed feelings I have to say, in one moment I was so excited and in the next I sat in the car having tears in my eyes and cried. I guess my hormones went crazy or I’ m just about to get my period . Anyway, I started to drive to Belgium at around 6 pm.
I saw some of my friends and said bye to them but in fact I just kinda drove away and left without any farewells .
Everything happened so fast. I was just packing my stuff and all of the sudden I would realize that I’m about to leave my home for a very very long time. Changes happen so fast and we are just one decision away from a complete different life. And trust me it’s sooo important to get use to this “weird and scary” feeling. Even if you are afraid you just have to do it anyway.

So I drove with the pooch next to me in the passenger seat. I think he felt my tension too, because he is never scared driving in the car but this time, he was trembling and looked at me as if he knew what is going on. So i took him on my lap while I was driving. After 2 h i got tired and I stopped somewhere next to the highway.

The night was a little bit cold even though i had two blankets and one fleece pyjama on. I still had a good night sleep even though the cars would pass by so fast and i could feel the car wiggle a little.
I woke up at 8 am trying to get my  typical morning routine going. It was a little bit difficult because normal things like a shower, hot water or a toilet just weren’t there. So I boiled some water to make myself a green tea and use the hot water to wash my face, while the rain kept dripping on my roof. After  1 1/2 hours i was ready and drove to Antwerp.

You have to know I’m normally not a big fan of touristy pictures of monuments but here, you got one.
I would sit there watching the people taking so many pictures of all these beautiful, historical monuments but I wondered how many actually really knew what they were taking pictures of.
I pretty much walked all day around Antwerp after i parked the car a little bit more outside the city center. I think the all day park ticket cost like 3,80 Euro so it was quite cheap. As I was trying to find my way into the center my stomach was aching from hunger. I found a bakery and got something to eat.

Antwerp I found out is a really arty city with many many museums and vintages shops. Sometimes the furniture shop really caught my attention but then I persuade myself  that i really do not need to buy all these things and instead to be careful on what i would spend my money on.
The city really reminded me of Brussel. The same architecture the same churches but a little bit less busier. But like many other cities all you do is, walking down the streets, either buying stuff or find a nice pub or restaurant to sit in. And to be honest its not really what I m looking forward to do. But at least i can tick it off my travel list and can say ” I have been there” Its a city for a day unless you are totally keen on shopping and expensive restaurants. And if you wonder if i had a Belgian waffle.. I didn’t  because they are way too sweet for me.

But I found one amazing bohemian shop which had so many nice modern hippie stuff. I really have a thing for these shops.
So i bought one little  air freshener for the car and I think not only the smell is amazing but a quote to remember everyday.

  • Cinaed mac muiris

    Hi to you. I’ve been following your adventures for a little while. I wish you well and I hope your free spirit continues to fly. It is great that you are living a life that you want. You may want to think about the way you sometimes talk of your life in comparison to others. It seems that you sometimes dismiss other people’s choices. Those who choose the everyday life of home, family work are as valid as anyone else. Those people are not all unhappy as some of your words seem to imply. Many contented, fulfilled people are not yearning to drive off into the sunset but they too live happy lives. All I’m saying is respect their life choices, as I’m sure they will respect yours. I hope you have great adventures and that the road is kind to you. Cináed

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