Fresh Breeze From Belgium

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The ocean always had something mesmerizing to me. On the one hand it could be beautifully calm and steady and on the other hand it was a wild, unstoppable creature with an exorbitant power to swallow whatever it desired. Sometimes I feel like, I find these attributes in myself which is probably the reason why I feel so connected to it. But since I lived in Germany I didn’t always get the chance to see the ocean as much as I would like to. Especially after all the time I worked on the Camper van , I craved the salty drug.

Making my way to the coast, there was one place that I needed to visit first.
After watching the movie  “In Bruges” with Phil Collins? Colin Farell? I swear I’m the worst with celebrity names, I always wanted to see that city.
And in reality it didn’t led me down.
The town in fact is way bigger than what you normally hear about. But the main attraction is the city center which is surrounded by a river. The entrance to the center seems almost idyllic but the more you get inside, the more people you will see.
I felt torn between the modern shops and the ancient mounuments . But most of the shops are either trying to sell you Belgian waffles or chocolate. After ordering my lunch, which was a fish burger, I wished I took the waffles or the chocolate because it was by far the funkiest burger I’ve ever had 🙂

Going to a must see place, you always need to expect a lot of tourists which normally leads to inner conflicts, because as a traveler you are always more interested about the local things but sometimes both come hand in hand and you just can not avoid it. The city was really charming but I left real soon because I heard the ocean calling.
I couldn’t hold my excitement back as I almost arrived at Blankenberge, which was only a 30 minutes drive from Bruges. As I parked right in front of the beach, I prepared the car as I would always do before I leave it.

Lights off,  curtains down, door locked.

Luckily free parking was from 7 pm. till 9 am. so I found my sleep place for the night. As I walked down the pier I saw some surfers right at the shore and without hesitation I changed my clothes and gave in the addiction. Plus I didn’t have a shower for 3 days so it was time to get some water on my skin.

The next day I drove along the coast till I was close to France.
I was desperately looking for a hot shower since I had to live with a bladder infection since day 2 of the trip. So I found a surf school right in De Panne, which was the last stop before I was at the French boarder. I went inside told them my story and asked for a shower. Trust me, it was one of the best showers I have ever had and I also got a Belgian beer for free.

Before I continue the journey in a different country I took a nice long hike in the dunes looking out for next destination.

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