Broken Pipes In Persan

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Oh Holy Moly, who thought that I would have problems with the car just right after a week of  traveling. Yea, me neither but it happened !
Especially if you have a car that old you have to know its like playing lotto – but in my mind I was prepared I knew that something will happen on the way.
I just didn’t think that it would happen that fast.

You have to know my maximum speed for this car is about 90km/h which is about 60 miles an hour . Obviously I knew that before I even got the car.
But I still decided to get it, because its my own little world tour without any time limit and I didn’t want time to play any matters in what I do. I guess its because I knew that we are all enslaved by time, everyday and everything is organized around it. And to break out of this pattern, a slow car would equally slow down your way of living but even I needed a couple of days to adjust and enjoy being slow. Knowing that I don’t need to arrive somewhere at a time.

But back to my little accident story.

I drove happily around the country roads because I quit taking the highway after 2 days already. For one thing my car is so slow it gets taken over by all the big trucks anyway and paying a ridiculous amount of toll (Maut) was not necessary.
Driving through the landscapes and turn the music out loud was just so much more enjoyable too.
As you can guess, having only 4 gears makes it really hard to go up hill. And that day I went up and down and up and down and up and down. As suddenly the arrow for the “overheating display” went all the way to the right and I assumed that the engine was overheating. There is a little red light that would normally blink if the engine is overheating.  But in my case the light has been blinking forever,  since I bought the car. But I would always pay twice as much attention to the arrow.

I’m still retarded if it comes to mechanical stuff even I build the whole car. So I got a little scared and stopped somewhere in a small town. Luckily I know many VWT3 specialist online now who I called up straight away. I opened up the engine in the back of my car and I saw that the watertank for the cooling system was really low. Normally the water should be right full up to the lid. So I wanted to fill some more water in but I didn’t take any distilled water with me but I just wanted to put normal water in so I can  make it to the next mechanic. The lid was so hard to open that I walked down the street into a restaurant to ask some guy for help.
I said something in my broken French “voiture crash..” and he would come out to help. As he opened the lid I thanked him a lot and filled some more water in while I facetimed my friend. But as far as I started the engine the arrow went to the right straight away.

The day came almost to an end and it got darker and darker. I decided to rest somewhere overnight and fix the problem the next day . I was in a really bad mood because I still had my bladder infection and my period haha and everything together was just too much for me to handle. I stayed a bit outside of the town but while I drove in the dark I didn’t realize that I just parked next to a mechanic. Despite the drama I decided to treat myself for that night and made myself some amazing scallops with pumpkin carrot puree and a nice red wine while I watched Sex and the City for the fiftieth times.


The next morning I was full of enthusiasm because I thought it was a sign that I parked just next to a mechanic. After I told them with hands and feet what happened they told me that they couldn’t fix it because the cylinder head gasket broke which would have been the worst case scenario. They told me to drive to a Volkswagen garage because they would have the original parts.
16 km further in the next garage I told them again what happened, non of them talked English of course.  Trying to get the car fixed on a Friday is obviously impossible since they had to order the parts which takes a few days after the weekend. I was so desperate because I needed to be in Paris the same day to pick up a friend who flew over from Germany to visit me for the weekend.

Luckily they gave me another address hoping they would have the parts ready to go. Only 8 km away I arrived at the garage called ” Dedit ” somewhere in Persan.

As I arrived, I saw a tall guy standing in front of the garage entrance,  playing thoughtful with a little cube. I jumped out of the car as little as I was telling the man what problem I had. I didn’t understand half of the things he said but as he started to observe the car I knew that this man knew what he was doing. He looked confidently at the engine and went to the front to the radiator to let some air out but telling me that all these things were okay. I stood back and watched him over the shoulder trying to grasp as much informations as I could to learn from him. Only 20 minutes later he told me he was sure that it was a problem with the electric and not the cylinder head gasket. I was so happy knowing I could continue the travel without paying thousand of Euros to get it fixed.


At the end he changed that little electrical part and the arrow was back to normal again. But as he tested the car before, he saw a little old rusty pipe which he recommended to change. You can see it where the 4 little pipes are and one of them had a rusty  bit where some fuel was coming out. I gave him my ok and he ordered the little pipe and told me I had to come back next week Wednesday.


I was soo happy after all because I knew I could continue my journey to Paris and see my friend. I jumped up and down like a little kid and gave him a big big hug. I think he was a little bit surprised but he also gave me a smile because he saw how happy I was. If you ever have a problem while traveling with your Volksawagen car around Paris, I hardly recommend you to go there. 😀

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