About Me

Hello my love.


I guess you are curious to know a little about me. Well everything seems to be so simple but yet so complicated to explain. So I will just start with some small talk facts, which I normally never bring up in any kind of meaningful conversation. I was born on the 12th of November 1992 in Germany but my parents are from China. Most people have difficulties to guess where my origin lays but I really don’t mind it, since it makes my person more mystical.

And Yes. I speak Chinese as well.

My parents were separated since I can remember and I grew up with my dad. It was really difficult for him being a single dad I think, so he chose a new wife which i really didn’t get along so well in my teenage years. So I took over the mother role by cleaning and cooking and going to school by myself to help out my dad.
Whenever he had some free time I would sit on his lap playing Word of Warcraft or watching some medieval movies.
And guess it or not I’m quite nerdy if it comes to these kind of things and I m still addicted to medieval movies.

Traditional asian parenting never really consist of showing much affection, which naturally lead me to not being the most commendable family kind of person.
When i was young i ran away from home many many times. Mostly escaping to my friends.

But trust me
I wouldn’t have changed a thing in my childhood because it made me the person I’m now. I had a wonderful childhood.

And at the end I still love my parents.

Going to primary school I was a super super shy girl but I always had a sense for justice.
Nice, polite and respectful toward everyone.
But hell I was one ambitious girl constantly looking for something new to learn or to do and it hasn’t changed at all, even till now.
I got more confident later as a teen like all teens do. Till then my life was just kinda “typical” .
In that time I moved to my mother so she had to live with me going through my defiant years. When i became 18 I started to live alone just going to school and trying to figure out what i want to do and to fit in society.
But as you see it didn’t turn out so well.

After finishing school I studied fashion and design management because i was that kind of “dressing up nicely fashion girl” . But  after time passed by  I realized that this wasn’t it. I felt depressed and lost.
It was a really difficult decision but I quite Uni just right before I was almost finished. I only had the courage to quit my Uni because I knew what i really wanted to do instead.

So here I’m now, a wild gypsy soul who is living her dream life.
And believe it or not but its more than actually MY dream. Because I wanna be an inspiration for you and your own dreams.