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Susi Cruz

Broken Pipes In Persan

Posted In: Camper Van
Oh Holy Moly, who thought that I would have problems with the car just right after a week of  traveling. Yea, me neither but it happened ! Especially if you have a car that old you have to know its like playing lotto - but in my mind I was prepared I knew that something will happen on the way. I just didn't think that it would happen that fast. You have to know my maximum speed for this car is about 90km/h which is about 60 miles an hour . Obviously I knew that before I even got the car. But I still decided to get it, b[...]

Fresh Breeze From Belgium

Posted In: Travel
The ocean always had something mesmerizing to me. On the one hand it could be beautifully calm and steady and on the other hand it was a wild, unstoppable creature with an exorbitant power to swallow whatever it desired. Sometimes I feel like, I[...]

Going Back in Time

Posted In: Personal
The last two years were more than just an exciting ride for me. A lot of things changed, I have changed but most importantly i made a huge progress towards a life, I would only dreamed of. If u asked me five years ago what I think I would do wit[...]